“Gentlemen… The Missiles Are Flying. Hallelujah!”

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The title of the post is a quote from a great movie, called “The Dead Zone”. 

The movie revolves around this guy who can see people’s future by touching them. At one point in the movie he meets a Senator, pumping hands and pawing babies during some campaign. He shakes the Senator’s hand and sees the Senator makes it to become President in the future. As President, the Senator forces his Generals to launch nuclear weapons against the (presumably Soviets). We see him press the button and start the attack. The crazy President then says: “Gentlemen… The missiles are flying. Hallelujah!”.

On Tuesday, somebody launched a nerve-gas attack against some random village/town in Syria. The gas used was most likely Sarin. Lots of people died in horrible and gruesome ways. I intentionally didn’t read any articles about it and I stayed away from CNN/BBC. The reason for that is that I really cannot handle images from gas-attacks. I’ve seen some once, video, and it made me sick to my stomach. Since then I stay away from any and all news reporting on gas/chemical attacks. I simply cannot handle the images.

This isn’t the first time chemical weapons are used against civilians in Syria.

And I am sure it won’t be the last.

It’s not entirely clear who launched the attack, but my guess would be Assad’s Forces.

(Since they’ve done so before).

But… considering the state Syria is in? It shouldn’t be that difficult for other actors in that conflict (numerous armed, crazy, religious Muslim groups, including ISIS) to get their hands on chemical weapons. It’s not as if Assad’s Forces have total control over their weapons, materials, munitions and installations.

I think Assad’s Forces are the likely perpetrators.

This is a massive war crime.

In response, Donald Trump (the US), bombed a parking lot in Syria.

Well.. it wasn’t exactly a parking lot.

The US bombed a military airport where they believe the chemical attack was launched from. The airfield has an air raid alarm, so as the alarm goes off while the US attack is en route, people go and hide. The airfield has fortified bunkers all over the place, no planes were on the runways. The runways themselves appear… well blackened some, but not entirely destroyed. Only six (6) people died, probably idiots asleep, or playing cards while on the night shift. The attack is meant as a warning to Assad: No more chemical attacks or we fuck your shit up.

The US launched 59 cruise missiles at this airfield.

Each missile costs a neat 1 million dollars.

So the US just spent 59 million dollars (plus packaging, handling and delivery) to bomb a parking lot in the middle of nowhere in Syria.

Iran and Russia (staunch Assad supporters) are screaming that the missile strike is illegal under international law.

Their objections are laughable. Iran and Russia? Those entire countries are illegal under international law.

The EU mostly supported the measured response from the US.

Reporters, commentators and pundits mostly clapped and applauded while they debated whether the strike had any measurable effect.

Did Assad really launch the chemical attack, could it have been another group?

It was all quite orgasmic.

Washington Post: Brian Williams is ‘guided by the beauty of our weapons’ in Syria strikes.

“We see these beautiful pictures at night from the decks of these two U.S. Navy vessels in the eastern Mediterranean,” Williams said. “I am tempted to quote the great Leonard Cohen: ‘I am guided by the beauty of our weapons.’” “They are beautiful pictures of fearsome armaments making what is for them what is a brief flight over to this airfield,” he added, then asked his guest, “What did they hit?”

I am all for bombing Assad to hell.

But can we puhliez bomb those ISIS fuckheads first?

Russia and Iran are going to love that.

They fucking hate ISIS too.

Even Darth Vader hates ISIS.

Tomahawk Diagram

Russia and the US both have warplanes flying over Syria. So they came to an agreement to stay away from each other’s planes, make sure no incidents occur etc. Russia has now cancelled that agreement. So let’s all just ehm… hope? … that there are no escalations between US and Russian military forces.

Since that would really suck.