EVERY US President Is A Religious Nut (Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Protestantismus!)

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“God bless the United States Of America”.

Pretty much every US President says it… thousands of times.

Do they mean it?

Oh yes they do.

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Because ALL US Presidents believe in an invisible being in heaven.

Which is great in combination with a handful of nuclear codes.

The Guardian: Obama’s Berlin visit to coincide with Trump in Brussels.

The title is misleading.

Since the article has absolutely zero to do with Trump.

Obama will travel to Germany for the launch of a summer of celebratory events organised by the Protestant church to mark its 500th anniversary.

And it has been 500 glorious years of superstition, madness and wholesale slaughter.
(Until the nuclear age, when European elites all of a sudden lost their appetite for war).

While Merkel is the daughter of a Protestant pastor, Obama’s involvement in the commemorations has taken some by surprise. Although he belonged to a Christian community when he lived in Chicago, he has never cited an allegiance to a specific religion.

He did use churches a lot for photo-ops.
And to "connect" with the God fearing black community.

Christina Aus der Au, president of the Protestant Church Days which is organising the event, said Obama’s presence would underline how Protestantism had “not just remained a European affair, but has shaped societies and nations all over the world.”

Where it brought nothing but development, equality, tolerance and progress.
I particularly liked "Positives Christentum"

She added: “President Obama and chancellor Merkel have said that their dedication as politicians is also an expression of their Christian faith…it will be really interesting to hear what the two of them say to us Christians in Europe.”

That sounds pretty exclusive.
Shouldn't they also say something to Muslims?
And Catholics?

Don’t worry about the rest of us.

Since God doesn’t exist we really don’t care about your bullshit.

And I hate to point this out?

But we’ve kind of been saying that for … oh say… 500 years or so?

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