Bye Bye Fuckhead (Bill O’ Reilly Out At FOX)

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I hate Bill O’ Reilly.

He’s a talkshow host slash news anchor for FOX News.

Or he was.

He is rude, obnoxious, crazy right wing, misogynist and just a total and absolute dick.

NYT: Bill O’Reilly Is Forced Out at Fox News.

Apparently he also had a peculiar way of interacting with women.

He was a bit of a predator.

FOX apparently had no problems whatsoever dishing out a cool 13 million dollars to keep complaining women (victims eds.) quiet.

And they apparently had no problem whatsoever with Bill O’ Reilly’s behavior towards female employees (for years eds.)

What they did have a problem with was all those advertisers leaving.

So they finally kicked his fucking ass out.

I find it particularly funny that he went to the Vatican to meet the pope.

What was he going for?

Advise on how to abuse helpless children?

Since women employees tend to sue, but kids might not?