Breaking News: Scientist Rachel Watkins: “Anne Frank Was Bisexual” (With Maartje Geels & Vileine)

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I am writing this in English, because Rachel Watkins doesn’t understand Dutch.

(And I am guessing Maartje Geels understands English; she’s not that dumb).


Charles Manson is a convicted psychopath cult-leader. His “family” of followers committed several gruesome murders in California, ages ago. Charles Manson will die in jail.

He would listen to the Beatles and then he would “match” their lyrics to scriptures in the Bible. If you are unhinged and take enough drugs then apparently the Beatles’ lyrics tell you that the Book of Revelations is just right on the money and the world is going to end. These incredible “insights” turned Charles Manson into somewhat of a prophet, able to command his “family” to commit those grisly murders.

The lesson here seems straightforward enough: You shouldn’t make too much of the lyrics of pop songs, since if you do? Things can go horribly wrong.

Since Charles Manson’s arrest and conviction to life in prison the practice of trying to “explain” lyrics from various pop songs has really picked up.

Especially the lyrics from dead pop- and rock stars (such as Jim Morrison for instance) fascinate an abundance of fanboys and fangirls alike. Our dead rockstars left us all kinds of “hidden” messages in their masterful songs and lyrics. Some of these “fans” even played records backwards, in the hopes of discovering more “hidden” wisdom that will help them unlock the secrets of the Universe.

This practice of decoding lyrics has jumped to literature as well. Countless monkeys the world over will dig through books written long, long ago, to look for hidden messages and wisdom. The numerous “discoveries” are often too idiotic to even contemplate. Did you know that chapter 7 in book X begins the first three paragraphs with the letters C, D and X and he does the exact same in chapter 17??! Desperate and more unstable people look for meaning in the strangest of places.

This can have serious repercussions.

The books of L. Ron Hubbard, a science fiction writer, thus became the basis for the cult that is now Scientology.

I am not making that up.

The “Church” of Scientology took a science fiction book and turned it into a “religion”. They believe that human beings were brought here by Aliens, who dumped our “souls” into a volcano. The Aliens themselves, our ancestors, live on a planet far, far away. Our bodies are “infected” with some other alien species and only by being a Scientologist can you halt this infection and lower your malignant alien cell count.

It’s pretty much literally the gist of the science fiction story.

It wasn’t a very good story to begin with.

Books are just meant to be read.

They are not supposed to change your life.

And they are not supposed to re-affirm all your innermost beliefs.

It’s just a book, okay?

When I visit people (for dinner, for instance) I always check their book closet. Most people will put up a big book closet, lots of shelves, filled with books of all kinds. I will then crane my neck and tilt my head and quickly scan their authors and titles. The books people read say something about them; the books people have visibly on display, say a lot about them. If somebody wants to come off as “intellectual” and/or “cerebral”? They will have Kant or Nietzsche quite visibly on display. If somebody wants to come off as “classical” and/or “elitist”? They can have Plato or Goethe very visibly on display. You can check how people want to come off. You can check what they want you to think of them. Each book closet will also have crap in it, such as some collection of Stephen King short stories. While you’re scanning the authors and titles with Kant and Nietzsche in your face, pick up the Stephen King book, hold it out and then begin to read the cover while asking “Is it any good or “Hmm, I never read thrillers”. Your hosts will immediately come running, take Stephen King from your hands, place it back in the book case and mutter some excuse: “Yea ehm, bought it at an airport, it was all they had”.

Scientologists aren’t the only ones who use misuse books to try and identify (some of) what they are.

Che Guevara and Võ Nguyên Giáp both wrote books. Che was a revolutionary in Cuba, who helped overthrow the Batista dictatorship, so his revolutionary friends could quickly start a dictatorship of their own. Giap was a Vietnamese General during the Indochina Wars with the USA. He was a brilliant strategist. As the US left Vietnam, the country quickly turned into a dictatorship as well. Che wrote a book called “Guerilla Warfare”, Giap wrote a book “People’s Army, People’s War”. Che’s book is just pretentious drivel. It teaches you how to make a tent in the jungle and how to manage patrols at night. It mixes these camping trip tips with pseudo intellectual nonsense and self promotion. Giap’s book is actually quite interesting and much better written, but again it’s pretentious and filled with self-justification. The People? Well some 3.5 million of them were bombed to bits and three (3) countries (Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam) were permanently wrecked in the process. The People didn’t win anything. The People barely survived.

When you visit really “left” wing people with a capital L?

They will put on old Bob Dylan or old Van Morrison and yes… they will have both those books on display.

When 50+ year old, successful homeowners with a kid in university will need to build a tent in the jungle and/or manage patrols I will never know.

The process is called appropriation.

All around us we see, read and hear random things we like.

We see our friends and family doing the same.

We then appropriate these things and they become a part of us.

It’s why I collect music.

I have an insane collection of music, way too much to listen to.

Some people, such as Charles Manson, the Scientologists and my “left” wing Gen X homeowner friends, go a bit too far with that process.

Those kinds of people tend to think that they – and they alone – understand a particular piece of music, cinema or literature.

They tend to think that they – and they alone – have somehow understood the true meaning of the words they’ve uncovered with their inquisitive mind and diligent study.

There are whole websites where people do nothing else but “debate” the lyrics of a particular band or artist and yes… digital tempers can get very heated if you happen to think that Kurt Cobain probably wasn’t raped, but that he meant the song “Rape Me” more as a commentary on what the media was doing to him by constantly invading his private space and “reporting” his innermost secrets and erratic behaviour. As a paranoid, intravenous heroin junkie this must have felt very violating to him, indeed like “rape”. (I was banned from said website, shortly after that comment).

Literary critique and analysis is something quite different from appreciation and appropriation.

Analyzing a text, a lyric a book is not the same as identifying with it, or trying to explain what the particular combination of words means to you.

Charles Manson is a complete and utter nutball, the “Church” of Scientology consists of total and complete maniacs with little grasp of reality and my left wing friends with the capital “L” have been known to take XTC and coke while ordering an escort now that their kid is away at Uni. These aren’t completely stable people. These aren’t completely normal people. When unstable and unhinged people begin to “interpret” texts and appropriate music and/or literature things tend to become dangerous, psychotic, volatile, crazy and absurd.

Today we have hit rock bottom.

Meet Rachel Watkins.


I hope that’s not really her hiding in that trash bin, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was.

Rachel is from Portland, a hub of intellectual, literary insight for centuries, and she’s a “student” and “supergay”.

Rachel has taken it upon herself – as a supergay student person – to conduct a meticulous scientific study of the Diary of Anne Frank.

The book is relatively new and not known to a large audience. There haven’t really been that many studies done. And no studies to date by any supergay students hiding in trash bins.

Rachel cannot read Dutch; so she has studied numerous English translations of the original work.

On top of that, Rachel has studied the historical records in Amsterdam, Berlin, Dortmund and New York.

After years of peer reviewed and oftentimes challenging research, Rachel opted to release some of her preliminary findings on September 6th, 2017.

The day will go down in history as: Supergay Anne Frank Day.

Yes. That’s. Right.

Anne Frank was bisexual.

And the hidden book case, the door that led to the “Achterhuis” where Anne Frank and her family were hiding, will be immediately repainted in rainbow colors.

Nod Yes Icon

What are the odds, no?

After 60 odd years of scientific study by some of world’s leading historians and scholars, that it is Rachel, the supergay student person hiding in a trash bin, who just happens to uncover the “truth”.


And nobody knew!

What a difference a fresh pair of untrained supergay student eyes in a trash bin from Portland, Oregon make!

As we can see Rachel’s “proof” is slowly catching on the global scientific community. Some 510 scholars have already published Rachel’s preliminary scientific results and some 1476 renowned scientists have added a little heart to her historical research as is custom when such profound papers are published. The Holocaust Museum has reached out to Rachel as has the Anne Frank Foundation and Yad Vashem.

Rachel’s findings will have severe reverberations for the entire global scientific community.

Rachel’s research has shown that a single sentence uttered by a 13 year old, some 70 yrs ago, right before she was deported, gassed and cremated in her diary now counts as irrefutable scientific evidence. Numerous divorced fathers have since taken it upon themselves to dig into the diaries of their teenage daughters. After carefully studying those diaries various lawsuits have been initiated to sue ex-wives for being “witches”, “bitches” and “demons”. Divorced Moms have since begun to have their teenage daughter’s diaries proofread by litigators to avoid further prosecution and lawsuits.

Rachel’s research hits close to home as well.

Once on a shopping trip, with my then 7yo daughter, we saw this gorgeous black woman, with gorgeously curled hair come strutting out of a store. She looked like some type of supermodel, wind blowing through her hair, she looked like the walked into a fantastic movie ballroom scene. My daughter nudged me and said: “Woooow, did you see that gorgeous hair”? Clearly my daughter was physically, emotionally and – more importantly – sexually attracted to that woman some 5 years ago. I never thought much of it, but as Rachel’s findings prove 

Anne Frank is bisexual… and my daughter is a lesbian.


I stumbled upon Rachel’s scientific research through Vileine, an Islamist apologetics, fake feminist website here in the Netherlands.

The secret Islamists that run Vileine don’t really care much about the LGBT community. The just pretend to. When one reads their website, we don’t find any LGBT people writing there, but mostly moderate and quite conservative ethnic religious people with rich parents, in their early twenties. They’re all quite young and what is written there isn’t all that good. Pretty much every piece I’ve ever reviewed contained quite easily spotted spelling errors and challenging grammar. Their praise and apologetics for (radical) Islam is really quite open and disgusting. Islam is apparently quite “feminist” and all those odd rules limiting women’s rights are kinda just “fashion”. (You can find various articles on this blog, just search for “Vileine”).

Jew bashing however?

Now that’s something Islamists absolutely adore.

In Nieuwsflash belichten Vileine vrouwen kort het meest brandende feministische nieuws, zodat je niets hoeft te missen. Deze week nieuws dat nooit zo lang had mogen blijven liggen: Anne Frank viel op vrouwen, en dat wordt -voor zover wij weten- nergens gedoceerd.

Onze oogkleppen moeten wel heel dik zijn, als we over het hoofd zien dat de schrijfster van het beroemdste dagboek ter wereld niet alleen een Joods slachtoffer van de Holocaust was, maar ook een LGBTQ-slachtoffer.

I'll translate.

This week we have some news that never should have remained hidden for so long. Anne Frank was attracted to women and as far as we know that isn’t taught anywhere in schools. We must be really blind that the author of the most famous book in the world wasn’t just a Jewish victim of the Holocaust, but also an LGBTQ victim.

So Rachel, the scholar from the trash bin in Portland, Oregon says: “bisexual”. The secret Islamists say: “attracted to women”, so lesbian.

Isn’t it cool?

I love it when deluded, entitled snowflake children try to be all “smart” and “brainy”.

I read a tweet from some supergay student who hides in a trash bin and she spouted some insane nonsense based on absolutely nothing and nobody, but I do mean nobody, has changed history and the school curriculum yet? We need to rewrite a bunch of books and write some new ones and changes numerous syllabi at Universities the world over. Why hasn’t that happened yet? Why didn’t anybody notice this? Are we all fucking blind or something? Here! Look here! There it is, on Twitter see? Anne Frank was a LGBTQ victim of the Holocaust??!?

We hope Rachel will find the courage to one day climb out of that trash bin.

We hope she will get the help she clearly needs.

We wish her family and loved ones the best.

It is very difficult to live with a person with severe mental problems; it takes a toll on the entire family.

As to the secret Islamists at Vileine and Maartje Geels in particular…

A tweet from a deranged person hiding in a trash bin?


Zoek hulp, kind.