Beware Of Fairytales (Turning Children Into Social Justice Warriors)

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I picked this article, but I urge you to Google and dig up more on this “debate”.

It’s not just in the UK, the same is happening in the US, Australia, other places.

It’s too funny.

The Guardian: Fairytales are not just harmless, innocent fun. They need to be interrogated.

Jihad Blokken

The educational policor Jihad continues.

In fact, the Respectful Relationships program aims to have children look at traditional fairytales and take on a “fairytale detective” role, asking what the messages are, and what might happen, for instance, if “the girl had the sword and the boy had to wait for her to rescue him”. It does not – as far as I can tell – advocate locking boys up in towers or making them wait to be rescued. It simply suggest interrogating the text. As the Premier said, “That’s called learning.”

Respectful Relationships? Really?

Well, no, actually... it's not "learning".
Since the questions will be...
1.) Why are there no homosexuals in this fairytale?
2.) Do you think the Prince can marry a Prince?
3.) Why are there no Muslims in this story?
4.) Do you think Cinderella can go to the ball without a male relative?

In Puss in Boots a homeless, cross-dressing, talking cat changes his life – and the life of his homeless human buddy – simply through telling stories. Story is everywhere, and it affects every choice we make: where we live, what we buy, what jobs we do, who we fall in love with.

Puss in Boots – a slightly pornographic character – is a misogynist pig.

A date rapist.

Whether we are aware of it or not, when we listen to story, when we read fiction, when we watch drama – we are imagining ourselves into the narrative. This is what Aristotle referred to as mimesis and it’s what film makers and fiction writers rely on. It is our job as parents, as educators, as humans, to critique the stories we receive and to help the next generation do the same.

Sure let’s critiique fairytales.

I’ll get right on that.

Remember those Pirates in Peter Pan? Were they really all that bad? I mean think about it. If you had to live in an area where a gang of unruly, unsupervised, armed children was flying around causing mayhem, death and destruction? What would you do? You’d call the riot-police, that’s what you’d do.

And if your underage niece was entering a semi-sexual relationship with seven midgets, would you not want to get her away from that scene? Now, I am not saying she deserved to be poisoned, but if I were say a more strict, Islamic Salafist parent? I’d say that racist, entitled, white privileged bitch called “Snowwhite” got what she deserved for not respecting her family’s honor.

And don’t get me started on Alice in Wonderland. That girl was fucked up out of her skull on Mushrooms, or LSD, or fucking both. And she is what? thirteen? If my thirteen year old even gets near drugs I am locking her up until she turns eighteen…. and I’d force her to Google overdose and watch some seriously horrific videos of addicts.