Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been A Member Of… Islam?

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In the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and even Ronbo’s 1980s it was usually not a good thing to be labelled “Communist”.

If a book, movie, organization or person was described as “Communist”, trouble would ensue.

It didn’t take much to be called “Communist”.

If you take a look at South and Central America during those decades you will find that hundreds of thousands of people were basically tortured to death because they were deemed “communists”. You would be picked up, taken to some dungeon, tortured, raped and then killed. The people doing the killing were “allies” of the US. They were forward leaning, democratic and progressive forces all in favor of free market capitalism.

In the US (and the West in general) you couldn’t be picked up, tortured, raped and killed.

But if you’re called a “Communist” you could lose your job, or be beaten up by the cops, endlessly monitored etc.

In the Netherlands the situation was pretty much the same.

We had an actual “Communist Party of the Netherlands” (CPN) and everybody who was a member, or went to their meetings, or read their literature… was monitored by the Dutch intelligence services. The CPN was infiltrated by the intelligence services, partymembers were blackmailed, homes were broken into and bugged, telephones were bugged, documents copied. In fact, if your parents were members of the CPN? Then you could forget about getting any kind of government job. You wouldn’t stand a chance, not even as a school teacher or a librarian.

Most people who were accused of being “communists” weren’t really “communists”.

But people were accused of it all the time.

Communists were the enemy. Our enemy.

We have a new enemy.

They are called “Radical Islamists”.

Hijab / Beard

It’s not some name we gave them, or something we just randomly accuse them of.

It’s really what they are.

And what they call themselves.

They’re all Muslim. They want the entire world to convert to Islam and obey Allah. Or die trying.

If people don’t convert?

Then they are infidels and must be killed in gruesome ways.

For some odd reason we cannot call them Muslims, or radical Islamists.

In fact, we are supposed to avoid the words “Muslim” and “Islam” altogether.

In response to the London attacks, Theresa May said: “There is too much tolerance for Islamic extremism”. As she was saying it, the CNN news ticker said: “May says there is too much tolerance for extremism” oddly leaving out the word Islamic. A person claimed to recognize his neighbor as one of the dead attackers (he turned out to be right). He did an interview where he mentioned the attacker was a radical Islamic Muslim. BBC edited out the offending words. He just recognized his neighbor. No mention of Islam or Muslim.

Islam Not Islam

Numerous Muslim organizations and prominent Muslims condemned the horrific attacks. They stressed the fact that these killers were insane, depraved, crazy animals who really had nothing to do with Islam. It’s a reflexive response. Some crazy Muslim goes all ape on ISIS videos and the wrong kinds of online friends, makes a video where he says “I want to kill infidels for Allah and Islam”, gets into a truck and kills infidels in the name of Allah and Islam. We then clean up the mess, light candles and buildings in national colors and then sit back and go: “Why did he do this” without mentioning the words “Muslim” or “Islam”.

We are quite quick to condemn and describe people, behaviours, books, television programs, movies, jokes and blogs as “racist”, or “sexist”, or “Islamophobic”, or “homophobic” or “hate speech”. In fact it happens all the fucking time. The latest and very best swear-word is “populist”. Anything and anybody can be accused of being “populist”. A renowned Dutch columnist explained it as follows: anything that’s “stupid” where people don’t think long and hard enough is “populist”. She then went on to explain that people eating (vegan) raw-bars are in fact “populist”. And people who think that Climate Change doesn’t exist? Well they’re also “populist”. And yes, people who do not get their kids vaccinated… they are “populists” as well. In short: anything we don’t like is immediately labelled “populist” and then you don’t have to take that person, book, joke, website or organization seriously anymore because they are “populist”.

For a good 60 years we named and accused (mostly innocent people) of being “communists”.

For the last 15 years or so we have been naming and accusing anything and anybody of being “populists”.

But when pious, God fearing Muslims kill and maim innocents while shouting “Allahu Akhbar”?

We cannot name or accuse them of being Muslims, or Islamic.

In fact…. when you point out that these attackers, these killers, these terrorists are Muslims, or Islamic?

Then you’re immediately called a “populist”, or a “racist” or a “xenophobe” or an “Islamophobe”.

The situation has become totally and utterly ridiculous.

When you get bitten by a poisonous snake, let’s say a black cobra.

And you end up in the emergency room.

The doctor comes in and he wants to know what happened, what bit you?

Answering “a wonderful peace-loving animal” is not gonna get you the help you need.


I for one am quite done with the War On Words.

Btw… does anybody have any idea why those terrorists pray 5 times a day to Allah?

It’s not as if they’re Muslim, so I don’t understand why they do that.

Somebody should do a scientific study and clarify that.

Radical Islam