Annie who? (A “catalyst for action”)

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Another brave resister.

Remember Annie Lennox?

She used to be in this band, called the Eurythmics.

Her co-band member was called Dave Stewart.

He once “gave” Annie an elephant as a birthday present.

Elephant bday

(Because that’s what crazy rich fuckheads do).

The Eurythmics had several “hit” songs in the late 1980s, early 1990s.

And Annie has had some success as a solo-artist.

Both Annie and Dave did massive amounts of drugs and led a pretty hedonistic lifestyle.

Dave Stewart published a “memoir” of sorts which is mostly a tale of who’s who in the record “pop” industry intermingled with raunchy stories of drugs and sex and general debauchery.

There have also been a slew of stories about how Annie and Dave were lovers and then they broke up and their relationship got toxic.

Being a pop-star can be really hard on a relationship

Being a successful pop-star is even more difficult.

In the video Dave is on a cocktail of drugs. He admitted so in his “memoirs”. And Annie isn’t all there either. After so many years I find their gender-confused electro-crap even more sucky.

Luckily … we don’t hear or see much from either of them anymore.

But that… is about to change.

Annie found a new way to make herself relevant.

She has become…

(wait for it)…

… a brave resister!

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The Guardian: Annie Lennox: Trump’s ‘locker room talk’ is catalyst for action


Yes, another march.

Where “thousands” of people showed up.

(And a couple of celebrities eds.)

Annie Lennox is 64 years old.

Her net-worth is forty-five (45) million dollars.

This #March4Women was organized over Donald Trump’s “grab em by the pussy”-comments.

Which happened what? Six (6) months ago?
That's some slow-starting "catalyst".

Annie (& “thousands” of other Social Justice Warriors) are still angry.

And they have bravely marched across London Bridge.

(From one end of the bridge to the other end eds.)

Another wealthy, self-obsessed, has-been celebrity media-whore filled with glorious purpose.

(And self-important delusions of grandeur).

The Donald Trump resistance “movement” seems to attract a lot of nutbags.